15 Of The Most Creative DIY Wine Racks Ever

If you’re one of those people who love wine and would like to store some in your home, you’re probably going to need a wine rack. You can buy some fancy ones at the store which are alright but why shell out money for those overpriced wine racks when you can build a nicer one, at a fraction of the cost of those available commercially?

The fun part about building your own wine rack is coming up with clever and creative ways to store your wine in. Here are some cool ideas to get you started. Cheers!

1. Wine Rack out of a Wooden Board and Some Leather Strap

If you love the minimalistic approach, then this wine rack is for you. This simple yet very functional wine rack can be made from practically just a wooden board and some leather straps.


Just literally take a wooden board then attach the leather straps and you’re done! Just make sure you get the right size of the holes so you don’t have to squeeze in your wine every time. You can also paint the board whatever color you want if you want to.

2. DIY Modern Wine Rack

Storage solutions that double as decors like this modern wine rack are the best. When you have a fine collection of wine, why not display it proudly along with this understatedly fine-looking wine rack , instead of storing it away in your cabinets, right?


Another great thing about this wine rack is that not only is it really quick and simple to make, it’s super affordable, too! You can also customize the size of the rack depending on the how big your wine collection is.

3. Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

This awesome copper pipe and leather wine rack is really useful for those apartments that has limited storage options. Not only will this interesting-looking wine rack dutifully store your wine, it will also add some cool factor to your room.


This can be made using copper tubing, copper elbows, copper tees and some faux leather. The only hard part about this DIY project would probably be the cutting of the copper tubes. Once that’s done, you can just assemble the frame together and secure the leather to the frame with snaps.

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